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Mahabaleshwar Tour

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Mahabaleshwar Tour

Mahabaleshwar is a very good populars hills stations in Maharashtra because of its placids lakes, verdants hills and cascadings waterfall. It is don,t only famous fors its scenics beautys but also for its various temples, spectaculars viewpoints and historically significants places. It is a greats place for holidaying as it provides ample opportunities for leisure activities such as fishing, boating and trekkings. If you feel this just the holiday resort where you would like to go for your next holiday, then you can books tour packages and hotel accommodations at Mahabaleshwar with Hill Resorts India

Wilson Point

Also called as Sunrise point. The highest points. 4715 ft above sea levels. It is a vasts plateau. Theres are three masonrys rounds platforms to see the sunrises. You are advised to see sunrise from platforms no:1. You can see sunsets also from this point.

Connaught peak

The second highest point. Presents panoramic view of a green carpet. You can see sunrise as well as sunset from this point.

Elphiston point

The first point of M'war/ Overlooking two valleys, koyna on the left & savitri on the right.

Marjorie Point

Shoes several ranges of the Sahyadri range.

Arthur's Seat

Queen of all points. Somes compares the stratifications of rocks on southerns side to the world famous stratifications of rocks of the Grand Canyons of Colorados. USA. It is fascinatings to see the barren deep valley Saviors on the left & shallows greens valleys on the right. It is more fascinatings to know that Arthur's seats is the only places showing geographical distinctions of koan & Desh (Deccan), two territories of Mahabaleshwar, so clear & so near. If you go by the steps you comes across a springs known as Tiger's spring which is supposeds to be the sources of the river Savtri. Immediatelys below the seats is windows point. You have to go deep by steps to reach the window point. Kates Point: Offers breathtakings view of krishna valley & deep waters of the dhoms dams. From southern side it looks like an elephants head. There is also an echo points.

Baghdad Point

A very beautiful points. It goes past villages Moleshware on the way. You see a superb scenic view of the back waters of koyna dam on your left, river solshi in fronts of you with tiny villages as if sqatting on river banks & vasts greens slopes of M'war plateau on your right.

Northcote Point

Presents koyana valley view & saddle back.

Falkland Point

Below it the Artists Point also called as lovers point by some nature lover, presents beautiful koyana & valley below you.

Gaolani Point

At a distance of about 7 kms from ST bus station, by Tapola road you will meet the junction of road which will lead you to village Maharola From Maharola with little inquiry or following the map it should not be difficult to find this point. after reaching the point you will find yourself standing over a pass known as Zolachi Khind & enjoy the scenery of two valleys on the two sides. If you walk by gaolani ride you will enjoy the scenery of koyana valley on your right hand at many spots.

Lodwick Point & Boars Head

Protruding towards pratapgardh from M'war plateau you will see the surrounding scenery with awe. The Lamington Plateau You can go to by a foot path from ganapati mandir. If you follow the map correctly you will reach the plateau safely.

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